Is Rob Gronkowski Ready to Return to NFL in 2020? Odds Say No

Is Rob Gronkowski Ready to Return to NFL in 2020? Odds Say No

Could Rob Gronkowski come out of retirement for the 2020 NFL Season? Photo by Jonathan Satriale (flickr).

  • Three-time Super Bowl champion Rob Gronkowski retired after the 2018 NFL season
  • BetOnline has odds on whether he’ll give the league another spin in 2020
  • Will Gronk return to the Patriots – or another team, next season?

Say this about former Patriots legend Rob Gronkowski – he never fails to make headlines. He also never fails at living the high life, having just completed another legendary Gronk beach party this last weekend.

Gronk surprised quite a few people who thought he’d actually give the game another go during the middle of this last season to give a struggling Patriots offense a boost. As the season wore on, however, it became increasingly clear that the four-time All-Pro was content with retirement.

Now that he’s had a year to rest his body after years of taking a physical beating on the field, is it possible he’s in a good state of mind to return to the NFL in 2020?

If he did, would it even be with the Pats or potentially someone else?

Odds Rob Gronkowski On NFL Roster For Week 1, 2020

Outcome Odds at BetOnline
Yes +200
No -300

Odds taken February 5th

Retirement Has Suited Gronkowski Well

Despite being just 30 years old, Rob Gronkowski has had a lifetime of injuries and ailments, enduring back surgeries, fractured forearms, torn ACL and MCL’s, in addition to a slew of other physical problems.

Retirement looked good on him this last season, and he took full advantage of it.

Throughout the 2019 season it seemed at different points there would be opportunities for Gronkowski to make a return, but he declined to do so despite the Patriots offense really struggling in the latter half of the season.

That’s a pretty strong indicator he was happy with his choice to hang up the cleats in lieu of potentially suffering more injuries.

He very nearly had to make a comeback, with the stakes being set super high with NASCAR legend Jeff Gordon, but Gronk made sure to put an end to that speculation.

Gronkowski Has Mused About Coming Back

While the competitive side of him surely has a pull towards returning to the field, he really doesn’t have anything left to prove and his legacy is firmly secure as a surefire hall-of-famer.

Even if he were to return, there’s no guarantee that he’d be paired back up with Tom Brady in New England, as the Pats star QB will be testing free agency himself.

Would he really decide to start back up again in a brand new system with no guarantee that he’ll get back to the Super Bowl? Never put it past him, but the cons seemingly outweigh any of the potential pros. There surely would be a lineup for his services should he decide to give it another go, with Dallas a squad he’s hinted at being able to help in the past.

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CBD Could Keep Gronk Retired

Another impediment about Gronkowski playing is his affiliation with CBD oil, which is to this point not accepted by the NFL for use among its active players.

He’s stated that it has helped him in his recovery from the aforementioned injuries, plus he’s partners with the company. That conflict of interest doesn’t mesh with a return in 2020.

The NFL and the sporting world at large would be a better place if Gronkowski laced up the cleats again in 2020, but all the signs continue to point that he’s happy with his decision and is healthier both physically and mentally. As much fun as it would be for him to return, the smart money is on no.

Pick: No (-300)

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