All the Chiefs and Buccaneers Team Props You Can Bet for Super Bowl 55

All the Chiefs and Buccaneers Team Props You Can Bet for Super Bowl 55


Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady (12) congratulates Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes (15) after their NFL football game in Tampa, Fla. The Super Bowl matchup features the most accomplished quarterback ever to play the game who is still thriving at age 43 in Brady against the young gun who is rewriting record books at age 25. (AP Photo/Jason Behnken, File)

  • The Kansas City Chiefs take on the hometown Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Super Bowl 55 on Feb. 7, 2021
  • Both teams boast high powered offenses, so the totals for these scoring props are awfully high
  • Which team prop bets are best in scoring, kicking, first downs, and turnover categories?

No matter how weird this COVID crossed 2020 NFL season looked — from the foggy face shields to scout team wide receivers playing QB —it’s hard to argue with the end result. In fact, this might be the most exciting big game matchup ever.

The Kansas City Chiefs are favored by three over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Super Bowl 55, and there’s something for everyone in this game.

Were you tired of Tom Brady and the Patriots playing every February? Well, problem mostly solved! Now, the GOAT takes on Patrick Mahomes, the face of the NFL and the player best poised to one day steal Brady’s crown. We also have a matchup of two of the best tight ends of all-time in Rob Gronkowski and Travis Kelce. For extra fun, lets throw in two of the most aggressive and silly dressed coaches in the NFL. Also, the Buccaneers are playing a Super Bowl at home!

There’s so much to talk about with this game, but today, we’re focusing on scoring props, first down props, kicking props, and turnover props. Here are the plays we like in some of those categories.

Scoring Props

Prop Chiefs Odds Buccaneers Odds
Total Points Ov 29.5 (-127) | Un 29.5 (-103) Ov 26.5 (-124) | Un 29.5 (-105)
Total Touchdowns Ov 3.5 (-117) | Un 3.5 (-118) Ov 3.5 (+148) | Un 3.5 (-210)
Total Yardage of All Touchdowns Ov 66.5 (-115) | Un 66.5 (-115) Ov 54.5 (-115) | Un 54.5 (-115)
Score on first their offensive play Yes (+6500) | No (-20000) Yes (+6500) | No (-20000)
Team’s First Touchdown Passing TD (-220) | Any Other TD (+170) Passing TD (-185) | Any Other TD (+145)
Team’s Highest Scoring Half 1st (-115) | 2nd & OT (-110) 1st (-115) | 2nd & OT (-115)
First Team to Score -127 -108
Last Team to Score -130 -105
Team to Score Longest TD -135 +105

Huge Hill to Climb

The first thing that jumped out to me in these scoring props is how high the Chiefs’ total yardage of TDs is. If they’re only expected to score 3.5 touchdowns in the game, that means the average length of each endzone trip needs to be almost 20 yards. Sure, the Chiefs have the most electric offense in the game, but that number is way too high.

2021 NFL Draft Odds Tracker

For perspective, Kansas City has topped 30 points in all six playoff games that Patrick Mahomes has started and finished: their total touchdown yardage has exceeded 66.5 only once. Those other games weren’t even close. That 51-point explosion against Houston? Those seven TDs amassed just 47 total yards.

It’s likely this game’s number is so high because the performance Tyreek Hill had against the Buccaneers defense is still fresh in everyone’s minds.

Realistically, Todd Bowles is too good of a defensive coordinator to allow Hill to shred his team like that again. Most of KC’s opponents have just resigned themselves to dropping into deep zones and making the Chiefs work underneath; which they’re also great at.

Ultimately, the Chiefs’ offense should still have themselves a day. But I don’t expect many home runs against Tampa in this rematch.

Picks: Chiefs OVER 29.5 points (-127); Chiefs UNDER 66.5 total TD yardage (-115)

Value Plays

Along that line of thinking, the Buccaneers have a good shot to have that longest score of the game. Kansas City has a solid secondary that can hold their own one on one. But they do like to take gambles, and if they aren’t careful, old man Brady can still burn them deep.

In a game that will probably see Tampa throwing to catch up, the odds of one of their talented receivers breaking away for a sizable score seems pretty good.

Since I’m also expecting the Chiefs to have to convert in the red zone rather than score from outside then I think there’s some value on their first TD to come on the ground. After all, you’d be hard pressed to find a more creative play-caller down around the goal line than Andy Reid.

Depending on his play design, you could get burned by one of those little touch passes or flipped balls counting as a passing TD, but at almost two to one odds, I think it’s worth a roll. Don’t forget, Mahomes could just punch it in himself, the same way he started off Super Bowl 54.

Picks: Tampa Bay to score longest TD (+105); Chiefs first TD any other score (+170)

First Down Props

Prop Chiefs Odds Buccaneers Odds
Total Net Offensive Yards Ov 429.5 (-115) | Un 429.5 (-115) Ov 370.5 (-115) | Un 370.5 (-115)
Total 3rd Down Conversions Ov 5.5 (-115) | Un 5.5 (-115) Ov 5.5 (+110) | Un 5.5 (-140)
Successful 4th Down Conversion Yes (-130) | No (+100) Yes (-135) | No (+105)
Total 1st Downs Made Ov 23.5 (-125) | Un 23.5 (+100) Ov 23.5 (+100) | Un 23.5 (-125)
First 1st Down Made -105 -120
Most 1st Downs Made -135 +105
Longest Drive (Yards) -130 +105
Longest Drive (Time) -112 -112

Come After The King, You Best Not Punt

It was tough to pinpoint any one area to criticize the Buffalo Bills after they were so thoroughly dismantled by Kansas City in AFC Championship. But the decision by Sean McDermott to kick field goals on several 4th and short situations drew the ire of everybody across football.

Even the most conservative of coaches know they aren’t going to beat the Chiefs kicking field goals. And Bruce Arians is anything but conservative. The Bucs attempting a 4th down conversion is a near certainty. The odds of them converting are also pretty good, as long as their quarterback remembers it’s a do-or-die down.

Pick: Tampa Bay has successful 4th down conversion (-135)

Kicking Props

Prop Chiefs Odds Buccaneers Odds
Total Field Goals Ov 1.5 (-130) | Un 1.5 (-106) Ov 1.5 (-129) | Un 1.5 (-106)
Total Punts Ov 3.5 (+155) | Un 3.5 (-200) Ov 3.5 (+148) | Un 3.5 (-210)
First Kickoff Results in Touchback Yes (-250) | No (+195) Yes (-400) | No (+290)
First Successful Field Goal -117 -117
First Missed Field Goal -115 -115
Longest Successful Field Goal -121 -104
Most Successful Field Goals -118 -108
Team to Punt First +115 -143
Team to Punt Most +115 -143
Team to Have Longest Punt Return -152 +122

The Butker Did It

Kickers are a lot like goalies in hockey: it’s best not to try to get inside their heads. All you need to know for this prop is that Harrison Butker is the second-most accurate kicker in NFL history… as long as you aren’t counting extra points. He seems to have a bit of a mental block when it comes to kicking from 33 yards out. From everywhere else though, he’s money.

His counterpart, Ryan Succop, has hit just one 50-yard field goal in the last two years.

The Chiefs can’t score touchdowns on every possession. Take their special teamer to make at least one special play.

Pick: Chiefs longest successful field goal (-121)

Turnover Props

Prop Chiefs Odds Buccaneers Odds
Total Turnovers Ov 1.5 (+190) | Un 1.5 (-250) Ov 1.5 (+155) | Un 1.5 (-200)
First Turnover -104 -121
Most Turnovers +100 -124

Take the TurnOVER

The Super Bowl is never a cleanly played game. Don’t put too much stock into the poise of Mahomes and Brady or how the Chiefs and Bucs finished near the top of the league in fewest giveaways with 16 and 17 respectively. This is the game’s biggest stage, and the guys on defense want to make their mark too.

You saw it last year when the Chiefs and 49ers each had two takeaways in Miami. You saw it last week in Green Bay when Brady was picked off three times in the second half.

When taking the Bucs for longest TD, I mentioned those gambles that Tyrann Mathieu and company make in the Chiefs secondary. But the reason they’re given the freedom to do so is that it works, a lot!

The Super Bowl is an old hat for Brady by now, but for most of his teammates: this is their very first taste of football’s ultimate stage. Which means jitters. You’ve seen the dropitis Chris Godwin and Mike Evans have been battling for stretches this postseason: a tipped ball pick or a fumble early in the game would not be shocking out of them.

On the other side, the Bucs front four should be able to get into Mahomes face at least a few times over the course of the night with both of KC’s starting tackles out for this game. Consider taking both overs here; you need only one to hit to come out ahead.

Pick: Chiefs OVER 1.5 turnovers (+190); Bucs OVER 1.5 turnovers (+155)

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