Super Bowl Gambling Tips Year Round

Super Bowl Gambling Tips

Two teams. One stadium. Endless commercials. The world watching. Trailers for whatever the biggest movies and shows of the summer are going to be. So many bets. A party with die hard fans. High stakes. A party with people that you might kind of know from your job or something. One team raising the Lombardi trophy. The Super Bowl means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. At our site, you can bet on what you want to bet on for the Super Bowl. That means that you can bet on the winners, yes, but you can bet on so much more. We’ll expand more about this as we get closer, but there are effective Super Bowl Gambling tips year round. 

Super Bowl Gambling Tips (Before the Super Bowl)

From pretty much the start of the season (if not sooner) you can get a bet down on the Super Bowl at our site. Sure, that doesn’t mean that you’re betting on the two teams, or who the MVP is going to be, or that kind of thing – no, it means that you can bet on a team to win the Super Bowl. For many fans, this is kind of the ultimate bet, a bet of faith. It’s a way to show that you are very much not a “bandwagon” fan. After all, if you bet on your team to win the Super Bowl before the season starts, and then they’re very good, the last thing anyone can accuse you of is “believing in them just because they’ve started winning.” 

So, we have plenty of people who bet on expansion teams to win the championship and so forth before the season (although, some of those who bet on the Vegas Golden Knights to win the Stanley Cup in their inaugural season almost made some real bank, but that’s another conversation for another time). You want to be careful about betting your team before everything starts, just so you’re not throwing everything away. An important thing to keep in mind is the difference between a so-called “bad” team that’s just starting out and one that’s actively “tanking.” 

Tanking vs. Growing

No one ever really wants to lose in sports. You might see this sentiment thrown around, but it’s almost never true (in fact, it might never be true). Sure, there are athletes who maybe aren’t trying as hard as their counterparts from time to time, play to play, and so forth, but none of these guys ever want to lose. Think about their lives, how they’ve been conditioned since they were very little to do nothing but win. These are, in a very real way, the most competitive people on the planet. They never want to lose. But, someone always has to, particularly in an NFL game. 

So, there are teams that are going to bottom out, that will be up for the first draft pick in the draft, and so forth. Some of these teams will actively be accused of “tanking,” that is to say they’re doing their best not to win so as to ensure a better future. This is very different from a team that’s trying their hardest and losing, despite the fact they might have subpar or simply inexperienced players. 

In the NFL recently, there have been teams that have been accused of sending away many players for high round draft picks. Trades in the NFL seem like they’ve become more common than they were in the past. Before you bet on a team to win it all before the season takes place, see how many players they’ve traded away for high round draft picks before the season started. The last thing you want as a bettor is to believe in a team more than the General Manager does. 

Prop Bets as the Super Bowl Nears

What makes the Super Bowl so great in many ways is how it caters to non-football fans. Sure, at the end of the game, one team will be forever immortalized as champions. That said, there are plenty of ways for people who usually aren’t into football to enjoy these games, too. That means that there are prop bets galore. 

Many of these include the Gatorade color that will be dumped on the winning coach, or the coin toss, how long the anthem will be, and so forth. There will be stats about these and others coming as the game nears. By that same token, as with every other game at our site, you’ll be able to bet on the quarter by quarter action, so that you can win on the way to the big winner at the end, too. Good luck on the way to the Super Bowl from your friends at BetNow

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