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Super Bowl Bracket Winner

Sunday, February 3 2019
Super Bowl LIII Game, AFC Champion New England defeated NFC Champion Los Angeles Rams | 13 – 3 in Atlanta
Tom Brady, Bill Belichick become the oldest wining coach and quarterback, guiding the New England Patriots to their 6th Super Bowl win and biggest winning Super Bowl Margin. This was archived despite the match being the lowest scoring in Super Bowl History which was unexpected with the two high powered offenses on display, Julian Edelman revived the Super Bowl MVP.

Championship Sunday Bracket Winners

Sunday, January 20 2019
NFC Championship Game, No. 2 Los Angeles Rams defeated No. 1 New Orleans | 26 – 23 in New Orleans
Controversial final no call leads the Los Angles Rams into the Super Bowl 53, with a 3 point over time victory over the Saints, the first time in history both AFC & NFC championships have ended in over time (OT).

AFC Championship Game, No. 2 New England defeated No. 1 Kansas City | 37 – 31 in Kansas City
Tom Brady and the New England Patriots have for the second time reached the Super Bowl for 3 consecutive years, which they achieved this year by beating the Kansas City Chiefs in the second OT Game of the day.

Divisional Round Bracket Winners

Sunday, January 13 2019
No. 5 L.A. Chargers eliminated by No. 2 New England | 28 – 41 in New England
The New England Patriots begin their quest to return to the Super Bowl beating the Los Angeles Chargers 41-28 to reach the AFC Championship game for the eighth consecutive season.

No. 6 Philadelphia eliminated by No. 1 New Orleans | 14 – 20 in New Orleans
The New Orleans Saints rallied to defeat the Philadelphia Eagles 20-14 Sunday in a NFC Divisional playoff game. The Saints advanced to the NFC Championship game, where they will host the Los Angeles Rams.

Saturday, January 12 2019
No. 4 Dallas eliminated by No. 2 Los Angeles Rams | 22 – 30 in Los Angeles
Todd Gurley and the LA Rams run all over Dallas, all the way into the New Orleans and the NFC Championship Game for the first time in 17 years.

No. 6 Indianapolis eliminated by No. 1 Kansas City | 13 – 31 in Kansas City
MVP front runner Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs end Indianapolis lucky run and head off to the AFC Championship game next week at Arrow Head Stadium for the first time ever.

Wild Card Weekend Bracket Winners

Sunday, January 6 2019
No. 5 Los Angeles Chargers defeated No. 4 Baltimore | 23 – 17 in Baltimore
LA Chargers 12-4 in the regular season, which was tied for the best record in the NFC and was just one game back of the best record in the NFL will Face off with Tom Brady and the Patriots next Saturday.

No. 6 Philadelphia defeated No. 3 Chicago | 16 – 15 in Chicago
Defending Super Bowl Champions Philadelphia Eagles being the lowest ranked team left in the NFC will Face off with Drew Brees and the Division Winning Saints next Sunday.

Saturday, January 5 2019
No. 6 Indianapolis defeated No. 3 Houston | 21 – 7 in Houston
Indianapolis have now won 10 of the last 11 and being the lowest ranked team left in the AFC will Face off with Patrick Mahomes and the Division Winning Chiefs next Saturday.

No. 5 Seattle eliminated by No. 4 Dallas | 22 – 24 in Dallas
Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys will Face off with the Los Angles Rams next Saturday, who finished second with a 13-3 record which was tied for the best record in the NFC & League.

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How does the Fill-able NFL Playoff and Super Bowl 53 Bracket Work?

The 2018/19 NFL Playoffs are made up of a total of 12 teams. The NFL Playoff Bracket is made up of 6 teams from the AFC and 6 Teams from the NFC. There are four divisions in each conference, the winner of each division will automatically qualify for the playoffs. Those four teams will then be seeded 1 through 4 based on their record (1 seed having the best 2018 season record and home field advantage). The two highest seeded teams from each conference also get byes.

Wild Card Weekend

After the division winners are determined, the next 2 teams with the best record will qualify for the Wild Card Round. The wild card team with the best record will get seed 5 and will play seed 4 of the division winners. The worst record of the 2 will get seed 6 and play seed 3 of the division winners. There are 2 wild card teams from each conference.

The Bracket

The NFL does not run a “true” bracket, like you you see here on the March Madness Bracket (click here to try our Printable March Madness 2019 Bracket) or on the NBA Playoff Bracket. We define a “true” bracket as a tournament where the winner of each game moves directly over in the bracket. The NFL Playoff bracket rearranges the bracket in the second round so that the highest seed(1) in each conference plays the lowest remaining seed in the same conference. The rearranging only takes place if the 6 seed upsets the 3 seed in the wild card round. When this happens the 6 seed moves up to play the 1 seed and the winner of the 4 seed vs 5 seed game will move down to play the 2 seed.

Filling out the bracket is easy, just follow the instructions on your printed page, all brackets are automatically dated by your browser and printer so no one can doubt you for picking the perfect bracket early in the season.

*Our NFL Playoffs / Superbowl Printable Bracket does not require any additional app or programs like Adobe Acrobat, or PDF Viewer to use. JUST CLICK PRINT!

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