More than a Hat Trick of Opportunities

National Hockey Betting: More than a Hat Trick of Opportunities

The NHL’s popularity only seems to grow and grow. While it may have fallen a bit during the “dead puck” era in the late 90’s and early aughts, today the NHL is bigger than ever. The salary cap and realignment have essentially given not just every team a chance to win, but put a genuine superstar in every city. At our site, you can bet on the NHL in ways that might have impossible just a brief period of time ago. From the early season skirmishes to Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals, you can get in all of the National Hockey Betting you want at our site. 

National Hockey Betting: Period by Period

A “hat trick” is, of course, when a player scores three goals in one game and the fans throw hats onto the ice. A “natural hat trick” is when a player scores three consecutive goals, (sometimes referred to as when a player does it in one period, too). In the past, if you were to bet on the NHL with a bookie or some other site, you would be able to bet on the end of the game and that was it. Win, lose or tie (now, “win, lose, or shootout loss”) that’s what you were stuck with. Our site has made it possible to bet in-game as well. 

At our site, you’ll be able to bet on the NHL period by period. So, you can bet if a team is ahead after the first, after the second, or scores more goals during the third. That way, you can win throughout the game, and then nail it down with the big win at the end. This is a great way to get more out of an NHL game. Instead of just having one opportunity to win, you could instead win multiple times. Just as the teams have multiple periods to take control of a game, you can win throughout the game yourself. 

This rewards those bettors who know what teams come out strong, which teams tend to wilt, and which really pour it on in the second period. It makes for more active bettors. After all, the coaches and players get to rest, readjust their strategies and then come out with new ideas after each period break. We believe that bettors should have the same opportunity. 

Betting on the NHL Throughout the Season

We know that a majority of our players will bet on the money line, the over/under, the point spreads, and such. At BetNow, we make sure that you have the best, most recently updated version of each of those before you have to make your final bets. On top of that, however, we also want to offer our players as many different things to bet on as possible. That’s why you’ll find that we have several team props as well, all throughout the season. 

For example, for so many games, you can bet on who’s going to score first in the game. You can also bet that the team who scores first will win the game, as well as if there will be a goal during the first nine minutes and thirty seconds of the game. Some of these bets are even fifty/fifty, such as “will both teams score in the first period” and “will the game go into overtime?” NHL Betting on the highest scoring period as well as if the final score of the game will be odd or even are also things you can bet on at our site. 

We know that many people want to bet on the NHL, but they might not want to have to know what team in the QMJHL Sidney Crosby played for to be able to do it. That’s why we have these bets here. That way, everyone can get a bet down on the games, so that more people can enjoy the betting action. Whether you live and die with your team, or you’re looking for ancillary revenue streams, you can bet on the NHL for both fun as well as profit. 

National Hockey Betting Through the Stanley Cup Playoffs

All respect to the other sports, but the NHL might just have the best, most grueling and intense playoffs of them all. For months (plural) the best teams go through a harrowing, series of four seven game series. The team that wins at the end of all that truly deserves to have their name on a trophy for all time. At our site, you’ll be able to make these bets all season, from that first puck drop to the moment where the Commissioner presents Lord Stanley’s Grail to the champions. For the best in betting on the NHL as well as every other sport, we welcome you to BetNow

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