NBA Betting Sites - Bonuses Pay You $2,650 2
NFL Betting Sites 05-06-2016

NBA Betting Sites – Bonuses Pay You $2,650

Betting on NBA games may require some “tough luck” for your bet to pay off. This is due to the game’s constant score fluctuation and unpredictable turn of events. Nevertheless, the NBA remains one of the most popular sports leagues in the sports betting industry. In fact, it ranks second to the NFL in terms […]

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Understanding NFL Spreads 4
NFL Betting Trends 31-05-2016

Understanding NFL Spreads

When a new bettor looks at an odds board, they may be confused about all the symbols and numbers that they see. Although most NFL fans and bettors are generally accustomed to seeing NFL spreads, it does not necessarily mean that they understand them. All about NFL Spreads A point spread is a number that […]

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Importance of Knowing the NFL Preseason Betting Trends 5
NFL Betting Trends 31-05-2016

Importance of Knowing the NFL Preseason Betting Trends

NFL preseason betting trends are an important indicator for punters because this is the time when football handicappers prepare for the upcoming campaign by examining teams and players early on. The NFL is considered by many as the king of all professional sports leagues — even the preseason games attract interest from sports bettors. These […]

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Types of Vegas odds
NFL Betting Sites 30-05-2016

Learn More about Types of Bets and Vegas Odds

Many people bet on a wide range of sporting events. This article explains how sports betting works, including types of bets and Vegas odds. Betting Vegas Odds Style The simplest type of a wager is betting on which team would win, regardless of the score. Most sports fans understand that in a game, one team […]

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Analyzing the odds on a Super Bowl Prop bets list 6
NFL Prop Bets 06-05-2016

Analyzing the odds on a Super Bowl Prop bets list

Proposition bets or prop bets make the Super Bowl even more exciting and more profitable than it already is. They provide an opportunity for serious gamblers and casual fans to wager not only on the final score of the game, but also on a wide range of individual events within the game. Based on pre-calculated […]

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Crazy Props in 2016 Super Bowl Bets 7
Super Bowl Betting 05-05-2016

Crazy Props in 2016 Super Bowl Bets

[wpsm_dropcap]B[/wpsm_dropcap]ets in the Super Bowl 50 this year have reportedly reached $132 million in Nevada alone, according to the state’s gaming control body. Such volume has made placing Super Bowl bets an unofficial pastime for Americans. What has made this kind of gambling attractive to many? Before the 1980s, gambling in a Super Bowl game […]

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